Sand-sational Edition

February - April 2015


Unconditional Love

5 mothers and their kids share their love for each other this Valentine’s Day



Join us in Bali as we present you the hottest kids’ fashion looks this season


The Unschooled Mind

Which learning style best suits your little one?

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OK Computer

A high-quality computer science education equips your child to use computational thinking to understand the changing world.

06-Contest_noisy london

Noisy London Sound Book

Win a copy of Noisy London Sound Book!

05-The 4Cs

The Four Cs

It is important that you encourage your child’s creativity, curiosity, continuity and confidence during her preschool years.

02-upcoming events

Upcoming Events

A quick look at the exciting lineup of events happening between the months of August to October.

01-little kids great minds

Little Kids, Great Minds

A holistic education goes beyond mere academics; it should also encompass character development, nurture curiosity and the ability to think critically. At Odyssey The Global Preschool, programmes are based on the Italia Reggio Emilia approach, a student-focused pedagogy that promotes self-directed learning.

03-Measles mumps

Measles, Mumps and More

We get a first-hand look at the most common illnesses that plague our young ones from doctors who treat them.