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February - April 2015


Unconditional Love

5 mothers and their kids share their love for each other this Valentine’s Day



Join us in Bali as we present you the hottest kids’ fashion looks this season


The Unschooled Mind

Which learning style best suits your little one?

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Mental Up With Math

Vedic Math is a great way to stimulate children’s minds and improve their mental agility.

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The Tiger Prowls: A Pop-up Book of Wild Animals

Win a copy of The Tiger Prowls: A Pop-up Book of Wild Animals!

05-little_MAY17_bulletin_476x 247_A bilingual foundation

A Bilingual Foundation

Bilingual learning begins early. Here’s why a bilingual pre-school is the best choice.

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Upcoming Events

A sneak peek at the exciting line-up of events happening between the months of MAY to JULY.

01-little_MAY17_bulletin_214x 233_Crossing the PSLE Hurdle

Crossing the PSLE Hurdle

PSLE puts even the most cool-headed of parents on edge, at the thought of months of thorough revision, examination techniques and anxious anticipation of results day. Kids are, of course, not spared the heat of extra lessons and the pressure to excel. How do we as parents help our children prepare for PSLE, while not stressing them out unduly?

03-little_MAY17_bulletin_214x 205_Character building with the arts

Character Building With The Arts

Exploring the arts doesn’t just provide children with a new skill – here’s how it can help in building good character.

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