Sand-sational Edition

February - April 2015


Unconditional Love

5 mothers and their kids share their love for each other this Valentine’s Day



Join us in Bali as we present you the hottest kids’ fashion looks this season


The Unschooled Mind

Which learning style best suits your little one?


The Value of Family Time

By making family time a priority, the family will grow stronger in heart and create more precious memories together.

Creative Expressions

Rethinking the way children learn English for examinations and beyond.

The Science of Play

Early exposure to creative music and movement, and inquiry-embedded play influences how your child learns and grows.

Upcoming Events

From musicals to exhibitions and workshops, these exciting events guarantee great family fun this AUGUST To OCTOBER.

Art Attack

To kids, art is something that brings them fun and joy. It could be twirling to a musical number, finger dancing on the ebony and ivories or even scattering paint on paper. No matter the method, just observe how it brings a smile on their face as they spread glitter over their work or fiddle with the different registers on a piano.

The Perfect Headstart

Starting the education process early for your child will give them the foundation they need to navigate through life.