Today I am…
by Mies Van Hout

Fish Book Co., hardcover, $20, 3+

Ideal for beginner readers, this book features fishes which make a splash of bold and vibrant colours on each page. Each fish has a specific expression reflecting a different emotion. Made to look like crayon drawings, young children will relate easily to the illustrations and enjoy matching each fish’s expression to the emotion. Brace yourself for surprisingly thoughtful questions such as why the bored fish is depicted in brown or why the smallest fish instead of the biggest is tagged as brave.

Children will be exposed to drawing techniques such as how squiggly lines give a fish nervous vibes and makes it look like it is shivering. Your child will also learn how drawing a fish with varied facial features and in different colours makes a huge difference!

Use the Book:
– Encourage your child to draw his or her own fish
– Talk about the different emotions and ask your child when he or she feels the happiest
– Play a game of making expressions to match the emotions featured

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