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An Old New World

From The East Indies To The Founding Of Singapore, 1600s-1819

Travel 200 years back in time when Singapore was a bustling port of trade in the East Indies that attracted the Dutch and British East India Companies from the early 17th century. In this experimental exhibition, visitors will be taken through an immersive narrative, beginning with an inquisition into how maps and charts were used as political documents.

Through to 29th March
National Museum of Singapore

Disney: Magic Of Animation

This exhibition will showcase the magic behind over 90 magical years of Disney animation. From Steamboat Willie (1928), the first Disney cartoon with a synchronised soundtrack to more recent blockbusters like Zootopia (2016), visitors will be offered the rare opportunity to experience the technological innovations that help bring Disney’s world-renowned characters to life. One of the highlights from the show includes original artworks from the highly anticipated film, Frozen 2.

Through to 29th March
ArtScience Museum
Photo by Big Hero 6, 2014, Concept art, Paul Felix © Disney

City In A Garden

The ArtScience Museum welcomes all to experience the new section of its permanent exhibition Future World. Titled City in a Garden, this new addition features brand new artwork from teamLab – an art collective that includes artists, programmers, CG animators and architects. All of the artworks are interactive. So, if you’re looking to expose your little one to more art and culture, do take this opportunity to visit the museum with installations that target children as much as they do adults.

ArtScience Museum
Photo by teamLab, (2018), Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

Back-of-House Tour: “Former Supreme Court: Unseen,

Ever wonder if there’s more than meets the eye as you walk through the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery in the Supreme Court Wing? This exclusive tour offers you a glimpse into otherwise restricted areas of the former Supreme Court. Go behind-the-scenes and learn about courtroom proceedings and the experiences of a person on trail. During this fascinating tour, you’ll get to traverse a network of hidden passageways, climb through a trapdoor in to the prisoner’s dock and much more!

Through to 28th December
National Gallery Singapore

From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience

The two-part showcase at the historic Fort Canning Park invites participants to delve further into Singapore’s past to commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial founding. The exhibition comprises eight pavilions featuring artefacts, maps, flora and words, and installations with interactive elements. Highlights include the 60 minute immersive multimedia sensory programme titled “Time Traveller”, which will bring you back 700 years into the past to witness Singapore’s greatest milestones.

Through to 31st December
Fort Canning Centre

The Travelling Farm

Get on the urban farming movement with The Travelling Farm as this roving container will make stops and rotate between three locations, Bougainvillea Park, Raffles Place Park and Dhoby Ghaut Green, every three months. Participate in one of the many gardening workshops, take tips from the helpful staff on cultivating a garden and growing edible greens or just hang out.

Through to 5th December 2020
at Dhoby Ghaut Green