A Matter Of The Mind

Developing the ‘Whole’ Child for a Brighter Future

words darren ng
photo repton schoolhouse

Have you ever wondered why so much attention is placed on a child’s development during the first few years of their lives? All those hours spent at playtime and reading in the library, what do they all amount to? Well… the experts have an answer to that. It was revealed in a two-decade-long study by the University of Pennsylvania that when a child is given access to books and stimulating educational toys in their childhood, this actually leaves a lasting impact on his or her brain until their late teenage years and beyond. Intriguingly, that isn’t the only finding in the study that parents are homing in on – it was also discovered that the more mental stimulation a child receives around the four-year mark, the more developed the language and cognitive areas in their brain will be in the subsequent years.

The surfacing of such research on the brain has inspired preschools to opt for teaching strategies that reflect these findings. One such school is Singapore-based British preschool Repton Schoolhouse where the teachers implement these strategies in a conducive environment that optimises opportunities for the children to grow. When this cognitive stimulation happens at a young age, the development process is supported and optimised.

Read on to find out how Repton Schoolhouse emphasises the need for the little learners to engage with knowledge in creative ways in Nov-Jan issue of little.