A Spoonful Of Good Fat

The rise of the keto diet has elevated MCT oil into the hottest new health food, but what exactly does this popular fatty acid have to offer?

words stephanie wong
photo jonas dücker on unsplash

For the uninitiated, MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides”, which is a chain of fatty acids that is most often derived from coconut oil, though sometimes made from palm oil and even dairy products. As the name suggests, they are shorter in length and thus easier to digest. This colourless and odourless oil conveniently stays liquid at room temperature, making it the perfect fat to add to food and beverages for a dose of extra energy and brain-boosting nutrients.

Of the four strains of MCTs found in coconut oil, three are able to bypass your digestive tract and go straight to your liver where they’re broken down into energy-packed ketones, then redistributed to the rest of your body through the bloodstream. Ketones are chemicals made in the liver that are secreted when there is an insufficient amount of insulin in the body to turn sugar into energy. It is also the namesake of the trending diet plan. The quick conversion of fat to ketones for energy is what makes MCTs one of the newest health fad.

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