A Taste of Singapore

From a coffeeshop stall in 1956 to its 90 outlets island-wide. Here's the story of how Old Chang Kee came to be

words darren ng
photo old chang kee

The Old Chang Kee that we know of today has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small stall in a coffee shop on Mackenzie Road. Easily recognisable by the yellow sign board with its signature curry puff on it, the brand is synonymous with Singapore and holds a soft spot in our hearts. Just imagine biting into the signature Curry ‘O, all warm and painstakingly prepared with curried potatoes, bite-sized chicken chunks and the delicate touches of herbs and spices. To Singaporeans, that familiar texture and flavour of the Curry ‘O has been well-preserved and consistently maintained over the last 62 years and is every bit of the Singapore identity.

In a country where food is a daily conversation topic, the brand is well-represented with outlets strategically placed in each corner of our little island – you will find an outlet in shopping malls, airports, petrol kiosks, hotels and even on the ground level of MRT stations. Even if you were to leave on a jet plane, the outlet is never beyond an arm’s length with its reach extending to near and faraway countries in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the United Kingdom.


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