Art Attack

Encourage your child to follow their interests in the arts and reap the fruits of success that follow.

words darren ng
photo tiano academy

To kids, art is something that brings them fun and joy. It could be twirling to a musical number, finger dancing on the ebony and ivories or even scattering paint on paper. No matter the method, just observe how it brings a smile on their face as they spread glitter over their work or fiddle with the different registers on a piano. But before you dismiss it as a hobby or pastime that should only exist after the academic subjects are completed, there is scientific proof that it actually educates them academically.

Art is the way children interact with the world and learn, that explains why art is such a key component in pre-school, where the classroom would resemble a playground more than a learning facility. Not only is it associated with bringing about creativity, art helps to develop the mental, social and emotional sphere of a child and is a fantastic way to learn more about oneself.

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