Babes In Arms

Investing in a good carrier means looking for smart options that benefit mummy, daddy and baby.

words sabrina lee
photo courtesy of babybuys

You’ve noticed sling wearing mommas and papas in the supermarket and the playground, you’ve heard a little about the benefits, you’ve even spotted some celebs in magazines slinging it and you’d like in on the action. While the Western World has seen a new wave of enthusiasm for the practice, babywearing is obviously not a new phenomenon. For thousands of years in the furthest corners of the world, parents have been wrapping and carrying their offspring in cloths, shawls and pouches. From the Alaskans to the Aborigines, women the length and breath of the globe have long since understood the practical and physiological benefits of keeping their little ones safe and close. Time has passed, societies have evolved, the role of women has changed but two simple facts remain: there is nowhere baby wants to be more than in the arms of a parent. And parents need two hands. At least.

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