Beyond the ‘C’

The days following the birth of your baby can be challenging for mothers who have had a caesarean delivery. Here are some expert tips for aftercare.

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A C-section is major surgery, just like other abdominal surgery. Give your body time to heal. The usual length of hospital stay is about three to four days after your deliver. This may be longer if there are complications. “Allow your body up to six weeks to fully heal,” advises Dr. Hong Sze Ching, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who currently operates out of SOG — the SC Hong Clinic for Women in Mount Alvernia Hospital. If you’re wondering whether having a C-section will affect your ability to nurse, Dr. Hong says that it is perfectly fine: “You can let hospital staff know your preferences and request to let baby do skin-to-skin with you, and latch right after birth if your C-section is done under regional anaesthesia. Let your doctor know in advance so that all medications prescribed are safe for lactation.” There are also certain breastfeeding positions like the side-lying position and football hold position that are more suitable for mothers who had a C-section. This way your baby will not put too much pressure on your wound. Seek the help of a lactation consultant early to ensure you get a good latch.

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