Blooms of Love

We speak with three couples and find out
about the secret to their marriage.

art direction kenneth tan    assistant seow soo shya   
photo michael tan    words viona wang
hair and make-up cosmoprof academy
location gardens by the bay

“You start off with the attraction and after the honey moon is over, 
you have a family and start to support each other towards our dreams.” 
– Wayne Anthony Fonseca, 34, on his relationship with his other half, Taryn-Ann Rae Swyny, 25.

“We had an unofficial first date at the party but ‘the moment’ for me was our first kiss.” 
– Geoffroy Ganshof, 44, remembering the first time he met his wife, Yelena Dyokova, 41.

“It’s not about romance anymore. It’s more about companionship and taking care of each other.” 
– Patsy Chan, 66, on her 46 years relationship with husband, Damian Lim, 73.

What is the secret to their marriage? The couples tell all in the Nature’s Edition.