Bonding with the Barbers

Kiss92 FM DJ Maddy Barber and her family share it all.

concept/art direction/styling kenneth tan
assistant seow soo shya
photo koh boon wei
words viona wang
hair & make-up cosmoprof academy

“I’m thankful to be a radio DJ because it’s a great career for work-life balance, especially hosting the breakfast show. Even though I have to wake up early, by noon, I get to spend the rest of the day with my loved ones. I do have a lot gigs and meetings but I can choose not to do them when I am really tired or if my kid has something. I run my own business now, so that takes up a little bit more time. Together with a close friend, who is a jewellery designer, we launched a fine jewellery brand, called Madly, last November. We specialise in bespoke designs and ready-made jewellery.

As a radio DJ, I feel that music helps me connect with my kids. Everyone in the family, even my husband, listen to the same kind of music. Kids are very passionate about music and parents don’t realise how they can connect them with it. I remember my mother and I had a tumultuous time because we could never share the same kind of music. I liked really loud music but Mum preferred the oldies. When your child thinks you’re lame, it becomes really hard to connect with them. Restricting all types of bad or violent content in songs might be difficult but it is important to ensure that your children know that you don’t approve of all kinds of music. There should always be rules, so instead of banning your kids from songs they like, find something you can bond over with.” — Maddy Barber, mother of two.

Join us as we visit her cosy crib in the May – July’15 issue