Crossing the PSLE Hurdle

The subject of Chinese has a notoriously difficult rep: how do we help kids prepare for it in PSLE?

words toh wei shi
photos courtesy of berries world of learning school

Ahhh… the dreaded PSLE. It puts even the most cool-headed of parents on edge, at the thought of months of thorough revision, examination techniques and anxious anticipation of results day. Kids are, of course, not spared the heat of extra lessons and the pressure to excel. This begs the question: how do we as parents help our children prepare for PSLE, while not stressing them out unduly?

There are numerous different techniques when it comes to tackling various subjects — and for some kids, the subject of Chinese presents a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. But more than merely getting through PSLE, the process of learning Chinese should instil a greater appreciation and evoke a lifelong interest for the language.

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