Cultivating a Math Brain

Stimulate your child' s minds and boost their mental agility with Vedic Math and interactive games

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For some parents, trying to get their child to sit down and finish up their mathematics homework may be tougher than it looks as the young ones may have built up an innate fear towards the subject following their parent’s rinse-and-repeat approach with a barrage of test papers and assessment books. Let’ s be real – what may have worked for the past generation may be outdated news now.

 Afterall, for the past few decades, we have been sold the idea that as the human body ages, the brain would inevitably lose nerve cells over time – this was the consensus of the time, after scientists believed that the brain does not grow new neurons. This is precisely why we hear some of our friends complaining of “old-age” when they encounter memory lapses. As resistance, they commit to repetition and reinforcing information to know something by heart.


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