Does The Label Matter?

The difference between primary schools in Singapore.

words obbana n. rajah
illustration seow soo shya

The Primary One Registration Exercise is taking place very soon from this July to August. Enrolling kids into schools might be just as stressful, if not more, for parents. You need to check a lot of things like school locations, registration dates, school hours, suitability for their kids’ learning abilities and more.

In Singapore, many parents also look out for the type of school and they seem to subscribe to the label of the school. Parents’ opinions as to the nature of schools based on hearsay may not always be reason enough to choose that particular school to send their little one to.

Defying Stereotypes

Generally there is the stereotype that ‘branded’ schools are better because of their popularity. Places in these presumably elite schools are usually hard to come by and often fought over even if the child in question does not live in the vicinity.

‘Neighbourhood’ schools, as the non-elite schools are termed, are much less popular than their elite counterparts and are not as difficult to get into. Even though the government has attempted to get Singaporeans to shift the attention away from making academics the priority, there still is importance placed upon the schools that children as young as six will attend.

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