Don’t Sweat It

Learn how you can handle your kid’s excessive underarm sweating or body odour.

words teo rui ling
photos calvin chan aesthetics

Excessive underarm sweating and body odour are common problems faced by pre-teens and teens who are undergoing puberty. This condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, causes the body to produce more sweat than what is required to regulate body temperature. The result? Kids with hyperhidrosis can sweat as much as five times more than other children. While the condition is not harmful, excessive sweating and body odour can be embarrassing to deal with – especially in Singapore’s hot, humid climate with a schoolkid’s full schedule of sports and activities thrown into the mix. In particular, for preadolescents who are just beginning to build their feelings of self-esteem, identity and independence, hyperhidrosis and its related side effects can be a great source of anxiety and frustration.

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