Do Come True!

Two limited edition T-shirts created by
Devilrobots and Pathlight artists.

initiated & presented by little
in partnership with devilrobots & pathlight school
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Dreams do come true! is a charity collaboration initiated by little,
that shines the spotlight on young talented artists from Pathlight School
and aims to create more career opportunities for high-functioning autistic students.
Widely known for their popular TO-FU Oyako character, Devilrobots go
hand in hand with two budding artists from Pathlight School, Tay Jun-Yi, 19,
and Amos Chua, 22, to design two limited edition T-shirts!

Devilrobots is a five-man design team from Japan,
led by art director and artist, Shin. With the main focus on
graphic design, character design, illustration, web design,
project planning and producing items, Devilrobots’ creations
are not only available in Japan, but worldwide, especially in Asia.
This is Devilrobots’ first-ever collaboration with young artists
and all proceeds will go to Pathlight School.

Artist Talk: Devilrobots

Hi Devilrobots! Why did you decide to take on
this collaboration with little and Pathlight School?

little got in touch with us when we were in Singapore.
We are very interested when we get to
collaborate with young artists. Plus, it is for charity
so that got us even more excited!

What is the inspiration behind the two T-shirt designs?

For both the students’ artwork, we explore the theme,
“Dreams do come true!” Jun-Yi’s artwork (white T-shirt) has
various animals marching, so we added colours and background.
Our main character TO-FU Oyako is the special guest.
Amos Chua’s style (black T-shirt) is very energetic. So we used it fully,
catch him inside the bubble made by the bear, and
TO-FU is starring here too!

What do you think of both Jun-Yi and Amos’ artistic style?

They both seem to enjoy drawing a lot. Jun-Yi has a more
detailed description and his idea is very good. Amos has
a lot of energy in his art, so we hope he keeps his style.
We look forward to seeing their new works and hope
that they will become professional artists in future,
supporting the younger generation.

Were you involved in other similar collaborations?

We were involved in various projects but this is our
first time collaborating with budding artists, so we were
very excited to see the art from Pathlight School.

How would you advise aspiring artists, especially those
with autism and related disorders, to pursue their career in the arts?

We hope they will keep drawing and painting. Sometimes, art will help
you to communicate in various ways. little created a wonderful collaboration
between aspiring and established artists. We hope this project will inspire
more creative collaborations around the world.


The white T-shirt retails at S$29.90 and the black T-shirt at S$39.90,
available at the Mall at Pathlight School and eMall.

Exclusive T-shirts signed by Devilrobots are put on auction
with limited edition Devilrobots merchandise directly from Japan! More details here.