5 Minutes With
Emily Yeo

The youngest winner of
Ayam Brand Celebrates SG50
design contest.

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Hi Emily! Congratulations on winning the Junior Category!
How did you feel 
when you first found out you’ve won?

I was in Philippines preparing for an international art competition
when my dad sent a Whatsapp message to inform us that I have won.
I was so happy that I stopped feeling nervous about
the next day’s competition.

What is the first thing you will do when you see
your design printed on Ayam Brand sardine cans?

I will be so happy that I will start jumping around and
after that I will ask my parents to buy more of the sardine cans.

Tell us about your design.

Singapore is an island with a unique shape so I decided to
draw the outline of the map of Singapore. Inside the map,
I drew what Singapore is like now and outside the map, I drew
what I think Singapore will be like in another 50 years’ time.
I drew my favourite iconic places such as the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, 
Singapore Zoo and the S.E.A. aquarium to represent
present-day Singapore.

I hope that in 50 years’ time, Singapore will have different robots
to recycle things such as cans and to kill germs. I also hope that
more people will cycle instead of drive and recycle things
instead of throwing them away. Hopefully by then, most of the cars
will be solar powered. All these will enable us to live in
a cleaner and greener Singapore.

That’s a lot of thought put into your design. What inspired you?

When my mother told me about this competition, I told her that
I wanted to join but did not quite understand the theme “My Singapore Memory”.
So she explained to me that I could draw anything that I remember about Singapore. 
Since I am only eight years old, I have not seen much of Singapore’s past,
so I decided to draw the beautiful places of interest in Singapore
which I like a lot.

How long did you take to complete it?

I took about 5 days to complete my picture, spending about
an hour each day from planning on what to draw to finishing it.

Impressive! How old were you when you
started to learn to draw?

I was about 5 years old when my mum sent me
for my first art lesson.

What do you like to draw most? Why?

I like to draw different outdoor sceneries because
I can colour the sky differently each time and
they will still look very beautiful.

Who would you like to share your prize with?

I would like to share my prize with my family.

What do you like the most about Singapore?

The thing I like most about Singapore is that
Singapore is very safe and free of natural disasters,
and my favourite place in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay.

What is your wish for Singapore?

I wish that Singapore will continue to be a safe country to live in.


Emily’s design, together with five other winners are
featured on Ayam Brand’s sardine cans, available now at
all major supermarkets and retail stores islandwide.