Fairy Tale Artist

We catch up with esteemed Disney artist James C. Mulligan who admits that Sleeping Beauty is by far, the most difficult character to draw.

words sabrina lee
photos courtesy of the artist
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As a kid in kindergarten, James C. Mulligan fell in love with a production of “James and the Giant Peach” and remembers the first cartoon he watched to be Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, which remains his favourite till today.  He was also really into Batman, but the old Batman, “he didn’t have crazy armour of super powers,” says James. He also says that Christopher Reeve is to him, the definitive Superman, “I still love the first two Superman movies the best. I think that innocence I grew up with carried through to my love for Disney. Truth, justice, and all those ideals.” James always dreamed of being either a comic book artist or a Disney animator. At 18, James got a job at Disney, “I lied to them in my initial interview and told them I was 21 so they would think I had been working in the industry for longer.”

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