Fly Fuss-Free With The Family

Plane rides can be a stressful time, especially for mum and dad, but with some thinking-ahead, all of the potential problems can be avoided

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Air travel as an adult can be a stressful experience by itself. Now, flying with a toddler in tow brings its own set of issues and changes the entire game plan. A child has a completely different set of needs from an adult, and these need to be met. The last-thing anyone would want is to have a terrible flight, ruining the entire trip even at its onset. However, with a little bit of planning and thought put into the process, parents can have a comfortable, and fun flight, both for themselves and for their little-ones.

Whether it is a short 2-hour flight, or a long 18-hour one, how the flight plays out depends on the planning even before heading to the airport. Firstly, parents should take note of the time of the flight. A red-eye flight can be accounted for by shorter naps for little ones during the day, and a tiring activity at the playground sometime before boarding. This ensures that upon boarding and after having a meal, your child is tired, fed and ready to sleep through. Taking into account the length of the flight also enables parents to plan mealtimes. For longer flights, airlines usually provide one to two meals, with a snack in-between. If there is an option to choose a meal beforehand, one that meets your child’s dietary requirements can be selected. Otherwise, do not hesitate to have an array of snacks on-hand should your kid get peckish. Activity-wise, older children might be able to enjoy the daytime view. With windows 30 per cent larger than the Boeing 767-300, Air New Zealand’s Boeing 787-9 allows for incredible views of the continents, sunsets and oceans below. The adjustable tint can also be dimmed in a moment, for a quick nap.

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