For the Love of Sunshine

Essentials on sun protection

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photo courtesy of baby beachbums

Sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, vital in skeletal development, immune function and blood cell formation. A little sunlight is good for everyone! Overexposure to the sun however, can cause serious health problems, and very young children are in particular more vulnerable.

Young skins and eyes have not developed adequate natural protection against UV radiation and are at a higher risk of skin problems caused by overexposure to harmful UV rays; even a short time outdoors under the midday sun can result in bad sunburns.

“Children are in a dynamic state of growth and are more susceptible to environmental threats than adults. Sun exposure during childhood and adolescence and acute sunburn has been linked to an increased risk of developing both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers in later life,” says Dr Eileen Tan, Dermatologist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

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