Fun Just Got Healthier

Nothing beats the old-school fun of going outdoors to play rather than staying in and spending time on video games.

words stephanie clarissa
photo j’kids amusement

Did you know that children now prefer to spend their time holding onto a game console or battling it out at the latest mobile game at home, rather than playing outside, tossing a ball around?

Parents do not even have a say due to the trends of the time. But we can’t deny that playing outdoors can prove to be more beneficial in so many ways possible.

When there is more activity in your child’s life, your child can experience the best of both worlds in his development. Instead of being glued to a virtual screen for many hours, your child can socialise with other children. Being active while they are in their early years sets the fundamental building block for fine and gross motor skills. Also, outdoor play calls for the opportunity for you to spend more time with your kids. It gives you all the more reason to beat the mundane indoor space of your house with more fun and excitement.

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