Book Review:
Darth Vader

A perfect book for bedtime reading.

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Goodnight Darth Vader

by Jeffrey Brown
Chronicle Books, hardcover, $16.48, 3+

Ideal for Star Wars fans, this is the charismatic follow-up to Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess.
Similar to previous Episodes, Darth Vader plays the father of two boisterous twins, Luke and Leia.
His awkward parenting skills are once again put to the test as he tries to persuade his two children to sleep.
However, they are far from sleepy and insist on hearing a bedtime story, which leads to Vader reading them a long story about how other characters from Star Wars yawn, tuck in, and settle down to dream.
Endearing and full of humour, this book will captivate adults and kids alike.

Use the Book:

– Cultivate good sleeping habits in your child
– Encourage your child to record his or her dreams in a diary
– Catch the entire series of Star Wars together!


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