Green Heroes

Raising a hero is not as far-fetched as it sounds, especially when our planet is in peril.

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Just about every child fantasises, at one point or another, about being a defender and protector of the innocent and the good. Despite being young, they know intrinsically what is right and wrong and find it natural to support the likes of Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

While these characters may be fictional, the desire to see people, superhuman or not, come together to fight for humanity is not, fuelling a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that has kids, and adults, worldwide dressing up in costume and using their “superpowers” to “defeat” every enemy.

Closer to home in real life, children have the opportunity to feel similarly powerful, to action change and to take on the enemy. In this case, the enemy is pollution.

Engage your child in conservation and other environmental activities in the May-July 2018 issue of little.