How important is fashion
for your little ones?

words melissa teh
illustration seow soo shya

Today, there is increasing focus on kids’ fashion and offerings
go well beyond the options we had years ago. Designer labels,
which used to cater only to adults, have expanded their target audience
to include babies and children
(or at least, their parents).

Money-making and impressive brands aside, there are more reasons
as to why even young children are gradually getting
looped into the fashion scene. What are the benefits of allowing
children to dabble in fashion and make their own choices of what to wear?

One wonderful aspect of fashion is how versatile it is.
So many different styles are available in the market with
no strict age limit to fashion choices. However, perhaps the younger you are,
the more experimental you can afford to be.

We speak to Kids 21, Twelve by Elly and
TweenAge in the Sand-sational Edition.