Little Kids, Great Minds

A holistic preschool programme helps develop children to be global citizens of the 21st century.

words toh wei shi
photos courtesy of busy bees

The early childhood years are a time of great change and opportunity — it presents a golden window for learning and skills development. The possibilities are infinite, and the onus is on us parents to develop the potential of our little ones. A holistic education goes beyond mere academics; it should also encompass character development, nurture curiosity and the ability to think critically.

This cognitive development should begin in the first few years, which is why an effective preschool education is so important. Odyssey The Global Preschool offers programmes based on the Italian Reggio Emilia approach, a student-focused pedagogy that promotes self-directed learning. This takes away the passivity of more traditional educational methods, in which children are fed information rather than encouraged to conduct their own inquiry and research.

Learn about the benefits of a good early childhood education in the August-October 2017 issue of little.