Lose Your Hair Woes

You’re not alone! Read on to find out how you can stop hair loss, from nutrients to moisture-rich treatments.

words teo rui ling
photos luxescalp

Do you dream of growing out long, lustrous hair — only to be confronted with the reality of increasing hair loss as you grow older? Well, you’re not alone. Hair science research has shown that around the age of 40, most women will experience a loss in hair density. This is because hair shedding speeds up with age and hair begins to grow out finer.

On top of this, everyday stresses from work and family could further exacerbate the rate of hair loss. This results in a worrying hair loss situation where you might notice clumps of hair falling out and the appearance of more scalp.

But all is not lost! With the right approach to hair care and maintenance, hair loss can be prevented — and hair growth could even be improved instead. Here’s how you can get to the root of your hair loss situation.

More advice from the hair treatment specialist, Luxescalp in Aug-Oct issue of little.