CCA Decisions

Which CCA best suits your little one?

words melissa teh
illustration yeo hoe hiong

You may decide to allow your child to experiment with different interests outside of school
before making an informed decision or you may decide to encourage your child to step out
of his or her comfort zone to try something totally new.

“As a parent, I want my children to do more exercise.
I encouraged both my children to join basketball as I do not
want them to grow up in air-conditioned rooms their whole childhood.
I want them to go out and sweat,”
says James Yeo, a father of two.

“Basketball is fun and helps me relieve stress from school.
I think I am going to join basketball in secondary school as well,”
shares his nine-year-old son, Javier.

However, while one child may respond well, another may not be as receptive.

“I joined basketball because my parents asked me to.
It sometimes makes me feel very tired and I do not really enjoy it,”
laments Yeo’s eleven-year-old daughter, Shannon.

Although parents have their children’s best interests at heart,
the reactions of your children are sometimes unpredictable.
How can you then ensure your child joins a CCA he or she will find joy in?

Find out in The Roundup Edition