Your Manners

Teaching good manners and
refined social graces to your child.

words agnes goh
illustration seow soo shya

Good etiquette, in short, is regarded as showing polite and refined behaviour in society.
Most of the time, it is a set of unwritten rules that govern our conventional behaviour.

From many parents’ point of view, social etiquette largely comprises of table manners.
However, basic greetings and little kind gestures are also important aspects of good etiquette
that parents should look into even though they are often off the radar. 

Besides, identifying the ideal age to teach a child is crucial too.
At a young age, children learn fast and absorb quickly.
They are able to recognise right from wrong.
Therefore, parents should seize the golden opportunity during their
formative years to inculcate them with good social etiquette.

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