Fashion with special needs models

concept/ styling/ art direction kenneth tan
assistant seow soo shya
photos beny gan (a pixels photography)
make-up and hair angel chua lk
models aadhya anand, emily grace ong, natasha ridwan steinbock and priscilla tang from singapore fashion runway: fashion for a social cause
wardrobe noël caleb
little_NOV18_news_443 x260_mirrors_1 little_NOV18_news_443 x260_mirrors_2 little_NOV18_news_443 x260_mirrors_3

Reflections can happen before a mirror and away from it. In this unique collection proudly paraded by an assembly of models, some with special needs and disabilities, it challenges others to subvert hasty generalisation or stereotypes of those with special needs and disabilities and operates as a reminder that behind each reflection, lies a heart that is pure as gold.


More stylish fashion in November-January issue of little.