Nurturing Active Learners

Cultivating leaders of the future starts with establishing the right learning environment for our young learners.

words darren ng
photo repton schoolhouse

In the modern era, we understand that our children acquire knowledge differently. No longer are students contented with just picture books and reading off the chalkboard so schools must be constantly on their toes to find new ways to motivate and nurture the growth of each unique learner. In place of the traditional teaching methods, our young learners should experience modern, research based approaches that guide them to be effective learners and leaders who are in charge of their own learning.

At the Singapore-based British preschool Repton Schoolhouse Singapore, the teachers uphold the methodology from the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework from the UK and the Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum from the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Through this, the teachers unite the best of both systems to inspire the learners towards optimum learning outcomes within a nurturing environment.

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