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A high-quality computer science education equips your child to use computational thinking to understand the changing world.

words sabrina lee
photo courtesy of coding lab

“Computational thinking” is a new context of learning. It is made up of a set of skills that incorporates the study and design of computers, computational process and thinking. Its the ability to problem-solve effectively, with or without computers.  It involves your child breaking problems into pieces, pattern spotting, removing unnecessary detail, and developing step-by-step instructions to solve and evaluate.

Introducing computational thinking early will help your child to think logically, and build his confidence in problem solving. Educationally, the trick lies in figuring out how to effectively hone your child’s computational thinking skills in a way that seamlessly integrates itself in every area of his life. Trying to read a word that’s too difficult? Use decomposition. Can’t remember how to multiply nine by nine? Look for a pattern when multiplying with easier numbers.

Uncover the potential of teaching kids programming and computer science in the August-October 2017 issue of little.