Pish, Posh, Push

Baby strollers are not just for going around with your baby, it’s a parent’s fashion statement.

words sabrina lee
photo courtesy of bugaboo

Gone are the days where baby carriages were bulky and made with steel. Those versions of strollers could have never been considered to be fashionable. Nowadays, fashion has permeated every aspect of life. People want fashionable clothes, gadgets, foodstuff, and now, strollers. Parents don’t want to look boring while they are travelling with children. They want to look cool even then.

Newer and modern versions of strollers and prams are stylish and can suit the fashion taste of nearly every parent from a hip trend setter to a stylish minimalist.

Find out on how to pick a suitable stroller for your child in the November 2017-January 2018 issue of little.