Playing On Harp Strings

Learning the harp is one of the ways for the kids to get in touch with their creative side.

words teo rui ling
photo rave harps

Children’s minds are innately filled with vivid imaginations, curiosity and wonder. If given the right stimulation, children can unlock their natural creative potential and reawaken their inner genius. But first, they would need to have sufficient time and space to flex their creativity and let their mind wander.

This is often an uphill challenge in Singapore, where the stressful environment and over-emphasis on academic excellence in school can stifle the little ones’ creativity. In fact, even though Singapore schools are known for being the best worldwide in terms of producing results, their ability to nurture young innovators who can think out of the box leaves much to be desired.

As parents, it is up to us to make sure that our children have adequate opportunities to get in touch with their creative side. Learning music is one key avenue to nurture your kids’ creativity. Through music, your little ones gain another means of creative expression, learn how to appreciate the art of music, as well as how to better channel their emotions. The harp is one musical instrument that is suitable to be learnt by children of all ages.

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