Book Review:
A Learning Adventure with Rainbow Bear Series

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A Learning Adventure with Rainbow Bear Series

by Julia Gabriel
Illustrations by Kathy Creamer
Julia Gabriel Creations, paperback, $29.95 each, 2+

Rainbow Bear takes you and your child on a lively journey through the Alphabet Zoo
for a phonemically-charged escapade in An Alphabet Zoo: Phonemic Adventure.
He then ventures off to meet the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Discovery: An Adventure in Blends and Digraphs,
where your child gets to practise hilarious tongue twisters that improve his or her clarity of speech.
Packed with animated characters and pleasing colours,
this series makes learning the names and corresponding sounds of the alphabets fun
by providing plenty of mini games for the child to play with.
It also comes along with a CD and Songbook each so you can sing along with your child!

Use the Book:

– Teach your little one phonemics
– Talk about the different types of animals featured
– Encourage your child to find objects beginning with the key letter on each page


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