Safeguarding That Baby Skin

Retain the softness and suppleness of your new-born’s skin in Singapore’s heat with the right baby care products

words darren ng
photos rivadouce bébé

It is not uncommon to hear mothers yearning for skin that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom after interacting with their infant child. If you have been wondering what the secret is to this softness and suppleness, you can attribute that to the make-up of baby’s skin and in particular, its much higher water content level as compared to our adult skin.

While we might gush over how soft their skin might be, we often overlook the fact that an infant’s skin is so much different as compared to ours. One microstructural distinction that makes a world of difference is their much thinner stratum corneum and papillary dermis that creates the delicate epidermal layer of their skin, making this protective barrier more sensitive and susceptible to the conditions of the world like heat, bacteria and germs. Have you ever noticed how even the slightest change in temperature would cause your baby to break out in rashes?

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