Stroke Of Genius

We speak to Joseph Schooling about the significant role his parents play in his journey to the top

photos courtesy of joseph schooling, and images taken off @josephisaacschooling and @josephschooling
words sabrina lee

Having won the country’s first Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Joseph Schooling is without a doubt one of the best swimmers to emerge from the sunny island of Singapore. Currently, Schooling is focusing all of his attention on his preparations for the SEA Games in December as well as for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. After starting swimming at the age of four, Schooling has since come a long way in his career. However, getting into swimming with the intent of becoming a reigning Olympic champion wasn’t always engrained in the mind of the 24-year old.

Unlike some parents who push their kids to the brink of quitting sports, Schooling’s never insisted that he swim professionally. “Mum and Dad didn’t mean for me to become a professional swimmer. They just wanted me to be active, to be water safe and to love sports,” he says. To be water safe, is to make sure that you can swim well enough to self-rescue should the need arise. Unfortunately, Schooling’s dad learnt the hard way when he almost drowned twice growing up. He didn’t want Schooling to go through what he did, and so they started little Schooling on swimming class to give him the ability to survive in water and not as a means to an end.

Get inspired by the passion and determination of Joseph Schooling as well as the unconditional love and support from his parents in Nov-Jan issue of little.