Supporting Linguistic Excellence

Becoming an impressive and expressive communicator starts from young with a love for language

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There are no prizes for guessing the extent to which parents would go in ensuring their children have all the tools at their disposal to succeed in life. This has seen parents pulling out all the stops from feeding them the most nutritious of meals from birth to gifting them the most luxurious of clothes to adorn. Something in particular that will stand the test of time would be the gift of education. As an influential checkpoint just before the subsequent years of formal education, a comprehensive preschool education could go a long way in shaping and moulding your child’s future.

One such school that can be trusted to offer a holistic preschool education is Repton Schoolhouse. Back in the United Kingdom, Repton School is regarded as a keeper of traditions, with a long-standing history of bringing out the potential in students. If any, their 460 years of history serves as an indication of their proven track record of shaping future leaders and you would surely recognise a few familiar Repton alumnus like children books’ author, Roald Dahl and famed novelist, Christopher Isherwood. That in itself reinforces the influence the institute has on each individual in grooming them to be expressive communicators.

Find out how Repton Schoolhouse instills a love for literature and encourages students to be more proactive and engaged with the world around them in Aug-Oct issue of little.