Talking About Melting Ice Caps

The inconvenient truth of global warming is a difficult yet necessary conversation to have with your kids. Here’s how to play it tactfully.

words stephanie wong
photo patrick hendry on unsplash

Climate change is one of the biggest topics today, yet it remains a difficult concept for many adults to wrap their heads around. For children, it is even more abstract and intangible – and perhaps boring. Fortunately, these young minds are highly receptive to new information and, when presented in a fun way, they are quick to digest even the most challenging topic.

First, climate change is a scary thing, and should be handled with added precaution. Armageddon-like visuals of tsunamis, intense storms, rapid animal extinction, and human fatalities, are nightmarish scenarios that can plague even an adult’s dream. While it’s always easiest to avoid talking about the topic altogether, it is likely your child would have picked up snippets of information in school or by catching a news story on TV, and they will start asking questions.

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