The Art of Dreamscaping

Exploring the boundaries of reality, artist Lee Jee Young creates highly elaborate imaginary landscapes and photographs herself within them.

words stephanie wong
photos courtesy of lee jee young
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Do you daydream and build imaginary worlds in your head? So does South Korean artist Lee Jee Young. In fact, Jee Young takes her daydreams one step further, transforming them into reality and even photographing herself within them.
The artist creates elaborate constructed landscapes within the tiny confines of her studio, inspired by her dreams, nightmares and personal interpretations of old Korean folk tales. Every single detail in each dreamscape – from the handmade props made using everyday materials like cardboard and straws, down to the unique lighting requirements for each scene – is meticulously created by Jee Young herself. The result is a surreal and dreamlike image that provides an enchanting glimpse into the artist’s deepest and most intimate imaginations.
Follow her dreams of art in May-July issue of little.