The Green-Eyed Monster

Parent-child jealousy is an issue
that not many parents share as readily.

words melissa teh
illustration seow soo shya

Becoming a new parent brings immeasurable joy and
plenty of novel experiences. The smell of a freshly bathed infant,
the exhilaration you feel when you finally capture your baby’s smile
on camera and the sense of pride when you get
your little one to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, it is not just sugar and all things nice.
You probably have been advised to expect lack of sleep,
less time for yourself and possibly some shock at
how much milk, diapers and the whole usual assortment
of baby supplies can cost.

However, there are issues and feelings other parents
may not share as readily. Imagine the attention your spouse
used to give you being divided, if not entirely transferred to
your new bundle of joy. To make matters worse, parenting can
sometimes feel like a thankless job especially on days when
your baby only has tears and wails in response to
your multiple attempts to care for your newborn.

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