The Kids
Are All Right

The occasional tiff might actually
be good for your child
– if you quarrel the right way.

words bhuva narayanan
illustrations seow soo shya

Children learn best by observing the world around them,
and watching their parents have disagreements and coming to a conclusion teaches them
that difference of opinion is not a bad thing.

“In the daily grind of life, there’s bound to be moments of dissatisfaction
and distress in a partnership,” says Chong Cheh Hoon, certified family counsellor and
senior vice president of content at

It’s better for your tot to learn how to express his frustrations
rather than keeping it all in. Watching you bicker with your spouse can teach him
how to express his dissatisfaction in a healthy way so that the issue is resolved.
If he never sees Mummy and Daddy express themselves in their relationship,
he will never learn to do the same, and this can be emotionally detrimental
in the long run…

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