The Perfect Headstart

Even at the infancy stage, starting the education process early for your child will give them the foundation they need to navigate through life.

words darren ng
photo heguru education centre

It has been widely believed that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are the most crucial as what a baby eats, feels or hears in that period has a strong influence on the way they learn to operate effectively in the world. The logic is that by engaging the five senses, neural connections in the brain can develop and thus increases the child understanding of the world. Thus, more and more parents are looking to introduce their children to early education in the starting years to give them an early headstart in life.

With what has been said, learning to read and write should start early and can begin through interactions like telling stories, singing songs and communicating. By reading to your child in their infancy stage, you can foster stronger reading skills and a growing vocabulary in your child. It has been said that a child who receives more interaction with his family will be acquainted with 45 million words on average in the first four years as compared to 13 million words to a child who does not.

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