The Road Less Travelled

When we think of common professions, the first few that come to mind are doctors, lawyers or teachers. Rarely do we think about funeral directors, astronauts, urban insect farmers, tree doctors or toilet activists. We speak to some of these men and women who are no different from us, except that they have walked the road less travelled and have overcome a whole other set of challenges. That has made all the difference in shaping them and their careers.

photos courtesy of respective personalities and organisations
words rajah

Along with being the founder and Managing Director of In.Genius, Mr Lim Seng is also an astronaut, a vocation which started with his ambition of sending the first Singaporean into space. With a job not for the faint-of-heart, Ms Ang Jolie Mei has managed to grow the care-service business as funeral director. The ‘clean-and-green’ title that Singapore is so famous for, has had much to do with Arborists, or tree doctors, like Ms Ow Siew Ngim. She along with a team of certified arborists in National Parks Board look after the urban forest and contribute towards efforts in mitigating climate change. In 2001, Mr Jack Sim founded the World Toilet Organisation, his attempt to break the taboo on the sanitation agenda, and to serve society by reducing poverty and bringing proper toilets and clean water to everyone. As an urban insect farmer of black soldier flies, Ms Chua Kai Ning strongly advocates for the idea of creating a circular economy, which means creating a production system that does not treat anything as waste.

What are the joy and woes during the pursue of their careers? Learn about their perseverance in Nov-Jan issue of little.