The Truth About Dads

Being a father isn’t as easy as you think.

words obbana n. rajah
illustration seow soo shya

Let’s face it; fathers are highly disregarded when it comes to many parental roles. Mums seem to be the food providers, the ones kids go to when they are sad, and they are stereotypically thought to be the givers of all the love in the world. But dads? Well, dads are just the ones who teach kids how to ride bicycles.

Our parents, and all parents, should be more than just these roles. It might be too much of an idealistic notion for both parents to have an equal role to play in their child’s life, but fathers could definitely be known for playing a much more prominent part as their tot becomes a tween.

A Dad’s Love

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports conducted a survey in 2009 and it covered more than 2,000 respondents from a variety of backgrounds. When asked about the roles and responsibilities of a father, 46 percent of respondents still point to being the breadwinner as a man’s key role in the family. This is problematic because dad’s roles should be much more than just that.

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