The Unschooled

Maximise your child’s potential
by finding his or her best learning method.

words melissa teh
illustration seow soo shya

As a young student, I was fascinated by coloured pens,
especially the glittered or scented ones sold in impressive sets.
To justify my compulsive purchases, I used them for school work too.
As it turned out, I found my Science facts and new Vocabulary words
so much easier to remember when they were colour-coded.

With quizzes and theoretical assessments aplenty,
discovering your child’s own learning style no longer has to
depend on something as serendipitous as
an obsession with coloured pens.

Just as different children have varied talents beyond
academic success whether your child likes to paint, dance or excels
in a certain sport, children have different ways of learning too.
The concept of learning styles to identify the ways in which
we learn best has been popular since the 1970s.
In 1987, Neil Fleming developed the VARK model which is
commonly used models to illustrate the different learning styles today.

The VARK model stands for the visual, auditory, reading and
writing and kinaesthetic (or tactile) learning styles.
According to theories on learning styles, finding out more about
your child’s dominant learning style promises to bring you
a step closer to more effective education.

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