Turning Pencil Tips Into Art

No one would ever guess that this artist graduated and worked as a lawyer.

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Russian Artist Salavat Fidai takes precision to the next level by creating his miniature sculptures on pencil lead. Yes, that’s right, he hand-carves tiny figures such as people, animals and even characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones. Because of the fragility and breakability of using graphite pencil tips as his material of choice, Fidai may just have the steadiest hands around town.

This self-taught artist has made so many of these intricate sculptures, and he even does miniature paintings as well. His designs are so tiny and so detailed that one would need a magnifying glass to fully take in all of the nuances.

The 47-year old artist was born in a Russian village by the name of Krasnyi Voskhod, which lay at the foot of the Ural Mountains. Fidai says that sculpting pencil lead is truly a master craft, of which very few are skilled in this unique art form. He tells little, “This is due to extremely intense and time-consuming process. Graphite is a very fragile material and the sculptures are exceedingly small”.

Read and find out more about his miniature sculptures in Aug-Oct issue of little.