Turning Walls Into Canvases

Unafraid to go big, visual artist Vanessa Teodoro breathes new life into her illustrations by bringing them from sheets of paper to the oversized walls of Lisbon.

words stephanie wong
photos vanessa teodoro

Beneath the crisp edges and bold lines of Vanessa Teodoro’s illustrations lie an imaginative interplay of disarray and humour. The vivacious South African-Portuguese visual artist, who also goes by the moniker Super Van, is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, where she splits her time between creating original illustrations and commissioned murals. Her compositions of graphic patterns, playful figures, and strong contrasts may at first seem chaotic, but that is only because they carry with them a unique sense of movement and purpose. The way her designs tend to fill up the whole space, taking up every nook and cranny, gives the feeling that they are ready to bust out of their two-dimensional constraints.

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