Unconditional Love

Celebrating the power of
a parent’s love for a child.

art direction/styling kenneth tan
assistant seow soo shya
photo michael tan
words viona wang
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location journey east

Adeline Foo, 43 & her youngest son, Jeremy, 9.

As a prolific author of children’s books, including the popular series
The Diary of Amos Lee, how do you balance your time as
a mother of three kids?

I am a stay-at-home mum and I only write when my kids are at school.
That’s about four hours daily so I write about two books a year, three,
if you include a simple picture book. When my husband isn’t travelling,
weekends are tuition-free days. 

We focus solely on taking the kids out. As both of us don’t have
hobbies outside of the children’s interests, we spend the weekends together.
On Sunday evenings, my kids and hubby play basketball together.
I am selective with my writing projects, as I see my primary responsibility
as taking care of my kids so work is secondary.

What is the hardest thing you have had to deal with
in your married life?

It has got to be deciding between my husband and I,
who should step out from a successful career. I had a high-ranking job
at a statutory board and my career potential was rated a ‘Director’ or a higher level.
So it was really painful to give all of that up in 2009. My hubby decided that
because my writing ‘career’ is stable, I should focus on my books.
He makes more money than me in his job,
so it’s something that we both agreed.

What do you like most about each other?

Jeremy: Tucking me in bed.

Adeline: Hugging him to say goodnight. He’s the only one who insists on this.
He’s so adorable.

If you could choose anything in the world,
what would you give each other for Valentine’s Day?

Jeremy: A box of heart-shaped chocolates.

Adeline: The walking bear that I promised him that
reaches up to his chest level. (Reward for the photo shoot)

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