Unifying East and West

Repton Schoolhouse combines the best of British excellency and Singaporean education

words darren ng
photo repton schoolhouse

There are only a handful of schools that can match Repton UK for its prestige and class. Since 1557, the independent school based in Derbyshire, England, has consistently nurtured students under its high standards of education and developed them into integral members of society. 2019 will see Repton Schoolhouse embark on a new challenge in Singapore to deliver a well-rounded education for preschoolers from the ages of 3 to 6 that brings together the sterling qualities of both the British and Singapore education system and its rich traditions.

In creating the curriculum, Repton Schoolhouse has integrated the Nurturing Early Learners framework refined by the Singapore Ministry of Education, with the successful approaches from the UK Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Through this unique association between the two education systems, preschoolers are educated in a wide range of knowledge and skills that includes language & literacy, numeracy, motor skills development and social & emotional development alongside the cultural relevancy of the Singapore environment – this helps ensure a steady progression of each active learner from the start of their learning journey.


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