When Art Inspires Life

Philosophers, whether it be Plato or Aristotle, have been in constant argument over the meaning of life. Granted, we are still nowhere near cracking that never-ending puzzle, artists have used their art as a way to come to terms with life, to express their emotions and to bring out the beautiful bits of life.

words darren ng
photos courtesy the respective artists
little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_1_Agnes Garbowska little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_2_Eva Armisen little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_3_Devilrobots little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_4_Zao Dao little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_5_Juan Travieso little_NOV18_news_443 x260_art inspires life_6_Boban James

Uncover how artist Agnes Garbowska started conceiving illustrations for the rainbow-tinted world of My Little Pony. Followed by Spanish Artist Eva Armisen reflecting what she sees in the world around her onto her art, with love and family at the center of it all. What kept DEVILROBOTS and To-Fu Oyako on the iconic faces of pop culture and making their fans happy? Join Chinese Artist Zao Dao on her journey as an artist and the future of ‘lian huan hua’. While Artist Juan Travieso hopes to speak out for the voiceless and vulnerable creatures of the world and draw attention to man’ s streak of carelessness towards animals, Photographer Boban James talks on his love of photography and what makes a compelling photo.


Find out more about these artists in November-January issue of little.